Book Suggestions for Kids Who Feel Different

Sometimes, for various possible reasons, a child might struggle with feeling different from other children.

Among the Books for Children list of recommended books, there are a number of titles that involve youngsters effectively dealing with being or feeling different.

In particular, on the home page you can look for these titles (in alphabetic order):

A Bad Case of Stripes:  A girl hides her unusual love for lima beans but in the end realizes there’s no need to hide it.

Amazing Grace:  Young Grace is told that her skin color precludes her from playing the role of Peter Pan but she ignores those comments and pursues her dreams regardless.

Belinda, the Ballerina:  Belinda has really big feet and for that reason the stuffy ballet establishment discourages her from pursuing her passion. But in the end, her passion is unstoppable.

Brontorina:  Another ballet-themed story about dealing with adversity, in this case the problem being that Brontorina is a huge bulky dinosaur rather than a petite and delicate ballerina.

Bullies Never Win:  Needless to say, a story about overcoming bullying.

Crafty Chloe:  Talented Chloe wins the admiration of the popular girl who previously taunted her.

Dream Big, Little Pig:  What could be a more clear case of someone overcoming the odds than a pig becoming a champion figure skater.

Marisol McDonald Doesn’t Match:  Marisol is of mixed ethnic and cultural heritage and greatly enjoys being different despite some gentle negativity about it from others.

Stand Straight, Ella Kate:  a true story about an enormously tall girl, and later woman, who embraces her uniqueness and achieves positive outcomes.

The Sissy Duckling:  a male duck is teased and taunted for preferring traditionally female activities and pursuits but in the end is admired for being strong, brave, and talented.

These are all great books that have a great story and message.