Dreams, Stories, and Books

The other day, when my daughter woke up in the morning, she said “Dad, I had a dream last night”.

I asked her “What was it about?”

Her response was “I don’t remember the title”.

Obviously I thought that reply was incredibly funny and cute, just as many things that children say are, but it also got me thinking about something.

I found it very interesting, but also very understandable, that she considered a dream to be a story, and she thought therefore the dream should have a title, just like a book. The way she was framing her dream as a story with a title was confirmation to me that a lot of reading of books to her from an early age has, as expected, ingrained a deep relationship between her and books.

When that kind of relationship with reading is cemented in kids at a young age, it has the potential to provide a lifetime of benefits.