How Selective are the Recommendations on Books for Children?

You will notice that there are a substantial number of individual book titles recommended on Books for Children.

So a good question might come to mind: just how selective are the recommendations on the site?

The answer is: extremely selective.

Books for Children is an ongoing endeavor, and at times I find myself significantly frustrated and incredulous that I cannot find the next outstanding book to add to the list. I also find myself puzzled why so any children’s books are not only not exceptional but are in fact downright humdrum. I still do not understand why it is so hard for writers to right a very good kids book, and why publishers bother to publish so many decidedly mediocre ones. (Can any writers or editors explain that to me? I’d love to hear your explanations. You can email me at info [at]

In any given week, I might read to my daughter as many as 50 new books. I consider myself lucky if I find just one among that number that is truly excellent. And mind you, I am not talking about a pool of randomly chosen books. Rather, these are books recommended by professional reviewers!

So parents, rest assured, the recommended titles on Books for Children have definitely not been casually, randomly, haphazardly, or hastily compiled. Rather, they have been carefully, painstakingly, uncompromisingly, and laboriously assembled. And despite the disappointment if not near despair that I sometimes feel in not being able to find the next great book to add to the list, I will continue to seek out truly excellent books for parents to read to their young children and will not recommend any books that do not meet my own high standards.