Should You Read Comic Book Format Books to Young Children?

In your search for illustrated books for children, you may come across some titles that are designed in a comic book-like format.

In that format, the scenes are in panels and the text is in dialogue bubbles.

Reading books in that format to a young child is usually difficult, for two reasons:

- The child will find it hard to follow along. If you frequently point to which panel you are reading, it’s both distracting to the child and tiring to you, and you may even find that your hand sometimes blocks text you need to read. It can be quite frustrating.

- Sometimes there is additional text besides the main dialogue (such as action sounds, etc.) and that makes the problem mentioned above even worse. (The problem of secondary text is not just for comic book format books. Other books, such as the otherwise excellent Magic School Bus books, suffer from this same problem.)

So my general recommendation is to avoid kids books that are in comic book-format. There may be some exceptions, but as a general rule, save yourself from a sub-optimal reading experience by avoiding them.